237 Hill Street, Santa Monica

Zen Meditation in Santa Monica

Ocean Moon Sangha is affiliated with the Zen Center of Los Angeles which serves the larger community by providing teaching, training and transmission of Zen Buddhism


Dharma Talks

First Wednesday of Every Month

zazen         7:25 - 8:00 PM

dharma talk   8:05 - 8:40


Weekly Schedule

Every Wednesday  

                      7:25 - 8:40 PM 

   zazen instruction
                      7:00 - 7:25 PM 








           Dharma Talk with Zenrin - The First Wednesday of every month

               Zenrin offers practice discussions each Wednesday other than the first week

        of the month. A practice discussion is the opportunity to ask questions one

        on one questions about Buddhism and Practice.




Zen Meditation is offered every Friday from 7:30 - 8:30AMat our sister Sangha at Insight LA at 1826 14th Street Santa Monica led by Ava Stanton. Ava is a teacher in the lineage of Suzuki Roshi.

Upcoming Events


Zazenkai- Day of Meditation

 March 18             12-5 Hill Street Center        May 13                 9-5  Insight LA

 September 16      12-5 Hill Street Center       November 11        9-5  Insight LA

Zen Buddhism


Practice Discussion​

One on one discussion with a senior student. It is an opportunity to ask questions

about zen meditation and one's personal practice.

Third Wednesday of Every Month



              We offer a Dharma/Practice talk the first Wednesday of every month. An experienced practioner or  

          teacher speaks on the teachings or fundamentals of Zen Buddhism.

                                                                                               7:00 - 7:25   zazen instruction

                                                                                               7:25 - 8:00   zazen

                                                                                               8:05 - 8:40   dharma talk

 WEEKLY SCHEDULE                      7:00 - 7:25     zazen instruction

                                                                                                    7:25 - 8:00    zazen

                                                                                                    8:00 - 8:10    kinhin

                                                                                                    8:10 - 8:40    zazen​​

Our Mission

 Suggested Weekly Donation $10

Suggested Zazenkai Donation $35

Ocean Moon Sangha is a non-profit organization that relies on the contributions of participants to continue offering our ongoing schedule.

Everyone is welcome regardless of ability to contribute.


  A zazenkai provides an opportunity to sit for a longer periods of zazen then our weekly schedule.

  We offer 2 - 1/2 day meditation and 2 - full day meditations per year. The schedule includes alternating      

  periods of 3o minute sitting meditation and 10 minute walking meditation.


 Please register for the upcoming zazenkai by emailing your name and contact information to



We were founded in 2004 by our teacher Sensei John Daishin Buksbazen. We are a group of dedicated Zen Practitioners who meet every Wednesday for zazen (sitting meditation). All are welcome to join us and learn more about meditation practice.